Once more the last film in Warner Brothers.' DCEU just had its delivery date changed.

Aquaman and the Lost kingdom  denotes an achievement for the more prominent DC Universe, as it is affirmed to be the DC Expanded Universe's last film before James Gunn and Peter Safran's new record takes the spotlight.

Notwithstanding, this submerged continuation has confronted its reasonable part of postponements, with many contemplating whether the continuous Droop AFTRA strike would make it get knock significantly sometime later.
Deadline  uncovered Warner Brothers changed the delivery date for Aquaman and the Lost Kinfdom, the DCEU's last on-screen portion, to December 22 in the US.
This comes after the film went through a progression of reshoots in late June, just a brief time before making it to movie theaters was set.


Moreover, Aquaman 2's online entertainment pages all publicize the film as "Just In Theaters Christmas," prodding that the spin-off is currently being delivered somewhat further into the Christmas season.
While the spin-off ultimately chosen a December 22 delivery date, that time period appeared to be consistently in motion until this most recent update, with promotions beforehand advancing the delivery date with "Just In Theaters December 20."


Jason Momoa's Aquaman 2 will stamp the finish of a very long term run for the DC Broadened Universe, which started off with Man of Steel in 2013.

Furthermore, with Aquaman 3 far-fetched to turn into a reality, the time is moving closer to anticipate what Gunn and Safran have coming up for a spic and span story for the DC Universe on the of all shapes and sizes screen.

Animal Commandos is set to start off that new universe at some point in 2024 preceding David Corenswet gets ready as Clark Kent for Superman: Heritage in July 2025.

There's even discussion about Jason Momoa exchanging his harpoon for another job in Gunn's universe, despite the fact that projecting subtleties stay confidential for the vast majority of the generally declared projects affirmed for improvement.
Aquaman and the Lost Realm will make a big appearance in performance centers on December 20.