The NBA has suspended Cleveland Cavaliers centre Tristan Thompson for 25 games for breaking its anti-drug policy.

Thompson, a resident of Brampton, Ontario, tested positive for SARM LGD-4033 and ibutamoren, according to the league. 

The Cleveland Browns vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on Wednesday will mark the start of his suspension.

One stimulant of growth hormone is ibutamoren. 

Although SARM LGD-4033 is still in the early stages of clinical testing, preliminary findings indicate that the medication increases muscle strength and lean body mass.
Thompson is permitted to travel and train while he is suspended.

 The one limitation is that he needs to leave the arena at least two hours before any game begins.

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The Cavaliers selected Thompson fourth overall in the 2011 draft, and in 2016, he and Cleveland won the city's first major professional sports championship since 1964.

After spending his first nine seasons as a professional with the Cavs before bouncing about, the six-foot-11 Thompson has grown to be a cherished player in Cleveland. 

In addition, he has played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston, Sacramento, Indiana, and Chicago.
Before the current campaign, the Cavs re-signed him as a free agency to a one-year deal. 

Despite his meagre 12-minute average of 3.8 points and 3.9 rebounds, Thompson has nevertheless assisted Cleveland in overcoming a string of injuries.


Darius Garland (broken jaw) and forward Evan Mobley (knee surgery) have been out of the starting lineup for Cleveland since mid-December, but the Cavs have played their best basketball without them and, at 26-15, are now in fourth place in the Eastern Conference.

After having the wiring in his jaw removed last week, Garland was cleared to start working out on the court again, and Mobley has been more active recently.

 Next month, both players should be back in the starting lineup at some time.

In Monday night's 126-99 victory over Orlando, Thompson finished with four points and five rebounds for Cleveland.