After this time, can fans actually keep trust alive for WandaVision Season 2?

While WandaVision debuted almost a long time back, many are as yet tingling to see the Elizabeth Olsen-drove series get a legitimate continuation. However, when the venture previously broadcasted, it was dealt with like a restricted series  and following her part in Specialist Bizarre in the Multiverse of madness, the person is right now accepted to be dead.


Kathryn Hahn will be returning as Agatha in a featuring job in the WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Darkhold diaries, set to debut on Disney+ in Fall 2024. While the venture will proceed with Westview's story and a portion of its inhabitants, the organization doesn't appear to be thinking about it as WandaVision Season 2.
In a selective meeting with The Director Russ Milheim, WandaVision and monarch: legacy of monsters director  Matt Shakman uncovered regardless of whether or not fans ought to in any case hold out trust for a legitimate Season 2 of his hit Wonder Disney+ series.

When inquired as to whether Season 2 might in any case be possible for Wonder Studios, that's what shakman conceded "[he doesn't] think so" and how they "finished that story:"


I don't think so, you know, we were telling a very specific story, a complete story; a story about grief, about Wanda's journey, having lost Vision, and we completed that story. And Jac Schaeffer is an amazing writer who wrote 'WandaVision', [and she] has created a show called ‘Agatha [‘Agatha is] not a 'WandaVision' Season 2, but it's definitely existing in that universe, of course, and with some of the characters that you met on that show, Agatha, in particular… So, you know, there are elements of 'WandaVision' that are out there still in their own way. But, a proper WandaVision Season 2, with more sitcom styles, and all of that is definitely not in the cards.

Matt shakman 


While it presently seems like the Red Witch is dead, fans know that is without a doubt not the case — or possibly it will not be for eternity. She'll be returning eventually, particularly if Agatha: Darkhold diaries presents Billy Kaplan, also known as Wanda's resurrected child.



One storyline from WandaVision that fans are biting the dust to see proceeded is White Vision. Whatever happened to Paul Bettany's android legend?
Fans are probably going to find their solution in the as of late reported Vision Mission series, if it's actually occurring after every one of the progressions over at Wonder Studios. Maybe he might appear in Shield Wars, seeing as Vision is actually Distinct innovation.

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+.