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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

User Review

Written by Geronimo1967 on 2023-07-21


I'm not really a great fan of Tom Cruise. Yes, he does his own stunts and is as fit as a fiddle, but as an actor - well don't let's have too many scenes that require him to actually put his heart and soul into them. Luckily, there are only a few such scenes here as the rest of this is an enjoyable, quickly paced, continuation of the MI strand with this time, an elusive antagonist that reminded me a little of the "Forbin Project" (1970). The military have created the perfect intelligence that is locked into the sonar dome of a state-of-the-art Russian submarine. Seems though, that this dome isn't that impregnable and when a cleverly manipulated catastrophe hits the sub, it soon becomes clear that this gadget has, and is rapidly honing, a mind of it's own. The only way to stop it is to obtain the two conjoining parts of a cruciform key - and then discover the location of the sunken wreck, if there is to be any hope of thwarting it taking over the world. The story is more the stuff of "007", I thought, but it is a good, solid and well written story - and one that resonates well on a planet where technology and communications are pervasive across all aspects of our lives. Together with Ving Rhames and the (always annoying, sorry) Simon Pegg it falls to "Ethan" (Cruise) to ally with his deadly pal "Ilsa" (Rebecca Ferguson) and the nimble-fingered "Grace" (Hayley Atwell) to stop the key from falling into the hands of the enigmatic "Gabriel" (Esai Morales). End-to-end action; trains, planes and automobiles, parachutes and just like in "Fast X" (2023) poor old Rome comes in for a bit of a pasting - as does Venice and the Orient Express would now present even "Hercule Poirot" with an insurmountable whodunnit challenge. It's entertaining and serves well as a vehicle for the star, setting up the concluding part which, of course, leaves the plot here having to be a little undercooked and a touch predictable. Better than I was expecting and well worth a big screen outing.