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Written by Geronimo1967 on 2023-10-08


Right, well I was really disappointed with this. It's like a precursor to the "Terminator" films with "Joshua" (John David Washington) charged with tracking down and destroying a super-weapon being devised by the AI that mankind developed to keep it safe, but that turned the tables on us all and now robots are ruling the Earth. Sound familiar? Well, the whole thing is pretty derivative with only a few, fleeting, scenes from Gemma Chan and a frankly implausible effort from the usually reliable Allison Janney sporting a militaristic haircut as "Col. Howell" - the soldier charged with managing our hero on his trek to eliminate whom we quickly learn is "Alphie" (Madeleine Yuna Voyles) who has a whopping great hole between it's ears. It's just all been seen and done before and though this does introduce a degree of humanity and sentiment as the story progresses, it is all just a bit, well - been there, seen that and got Will Smith to sign my T-shirt. To be fair, it does move along well enough with plenty of pyrotechnics, explosions and lasers but the story is thin and predictable and the denouement could have been on the drawing board after about ten minutes. Bet it cost a fortune, but it's all just a bit forgettably lacking.