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The Creator

The Creator

User Review

Written by MovieGuys on 2023-11-15


Perhaps the greatest thing this remarkable film brings to the table is value of love and life, over war and death. I am surprised this film was made, in so much, as it shows exactly what the US military industrial complex, stands for. That is callous cruelty, violence, intolerance and death. In a sense then this film could be said to be set in any of the battlefields, in any Asian country, the US has invaded. The fact it has a futuristic overlay, does not detract from powerful and often moving, anti-war, pro peace message, it compellingly conveys. It could not be more timely either, given the US's attempts, to light wars across the world. I rarely call a film "inspired" in its honesty and its humanity, but The Creator meets that definition, in every sense. A truly emotional, compelling watch.