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Anyone But You

Anyone But You

User Review

Written by Geronimo1967 on 2023-12-30


Despite myself, I actually quite enjoyed this. After (what looked like) a platonic one night stand, "Bea" (Sydney Sweeney) and "Ben" (Glen Powell) manage to part company loathing one another. Serendipity has no intention of allowing this to be the end of things though, and so arranges for her sister to marry one of his best friends. After a few uncomfortable meetings in a bar, they all head off to Australia for the nuptials. Her parents are very keen to get her back with ex "Jonathan" (Darren Barnet) whilst his ex "Margaret" (Charlee Fraser) is also there. Against their better judgment our two decide to pretend to be a couple to provoke envy from one and protect the other from the intent of the meddling parents. What now ensues does really depend on a plausible degree of chemistry between Sweeney and Powell and I thought they did quite well. A little bit more meddling from Bryan Brown, some Di Caprio-esque action at the front of a yacht and some kindly support from the Sydney harbour rescue helicopter helps keep this amiably jogging along for an admittedly twenty minutes too long 1¾ hours. It's quite pithily written and manages to avoid the worst in both American and Australian stereotypes. It also isn't shy of sex, comic nudity and a bit of practical adult humour that makes a change from the usual puerile smut we are so frequently offered nowadays. It's entirely forgettable, but is an enjoyable enough dollop of sun, sea, sex and silliness.