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Anyone But You

Anyone But You

User Review

Written by r96sk on 2024-01-26


Imperfect, though <em>'Anyone But You'</em> does deliver amusing moments and works nicely as a romcom. It usually isn't the best sign when the end credits are a film's best bit, which is the case here (s/o Natasha Bedingfield!), though thankfully that statement is only an additional positive for this Will Gluck directed movie. It does do clich├ęs, but does at least add some freshness to the genre. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell portray great chemistry, I enjoyed both performances. Sweeney's stylist killed it I gotta say, heck even Powell's too. Some of their, and others', dialogue is too manufactured at times, but that be just a minor complaint to be honest. The rest of those onscreen are satisfactory. I must say the director's father, Peter Gluck, gave me one of the film's stronger chuckles in his tiny role on the plane sat next to Sweeney - perfect line delivery! I had fun with this. As already noted, it isn't anything all that standout but it delivered what I evidently wanted. Solid. The William Shakespeare stuff was a bit forced, mind you.