Just a few months after getting back together with *NSYNC following a two-decade break, Justin Timberlake released "Selfish," his first solo single in six years.
With his latest music, Justin Timberlake is reviving the sensual.

After all, "Selfish," the Grammy winner's first single in six years, is a return to his early solo beginnings.

 Justin not only dropped the new song but also the music video, which opens with him in a large warehouse before he performs the song in a chic suit while showcasing some slick dance routines.

Timbaland, a longtime friend and collaborator who worked with Justin on his upcoming album Everything I Thought It Was, said that listeners will enjoy the new music.

In an interview with Variety in April, the music producer said, "It's fun Justin—it's like FutureSex/LoveSounds but nothing too deep.

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 Just giving you what you'd expect from us: not ponderous, the lyrics are not overly  deep, it's  bob-your-head, dance-friendly music."

Timbaland also assured that the wait will be worthwhile, even if Justin's album Man of the Woods was released six years prior to the March 15 release date. He went on, "We took our time." "We said, ‘We want it to feel like FutureSex part two.'"
And it's no secret that Justin's latest work pays homage to his early aughts influences. 

He even went back further lately, getting back together with Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and JC Chasez from the *NSYNC boyband to release their first single in over two decades.



The trio not only released "Better Place" for the film Trolls Band Together, but they also made their stage debut as a group at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in September, marking their first performance together in almost ten years.
Can fans anticipate them touring together anytime soon, though, given how they came together in the recording studio?

In November, Lance said, "Look, the door is always open," to E! News. "Moreover, I believe that just now. 

You know we're going to chat at some point, and I'm game. Thus, perhaps, with luck, something will work out."